Being a freelancer gives you the liberty to make certain decisions yourself. You get to decide when you want to take a break as well as when you want to work, it is really a jolly ride. However, your decisions can make or mar your career. Freedom if not properly managed can lead you down an unproductive path.

Every freelancer needs to be disciplined, this is to ensure you make the most use of your time. If you do not you will have lots of unfinished projects and an untouched to-do-list. Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before. Do you want to scale heights in your freelancing journey? Follow these 10 productivity tips for freelancers.

  1. Create a To-do List: Freelancing gives you an opportunity to schedule your day to accomplish your tasks. You must utilize this in your favor by creating a schedule for your task. Although, your schedule might change weekly or daily if you stick to the time frames it would certainly give rise to productivity.
  2. Do Not Multi-Task: Multi-tasking might seem like an advantage, but performing a number of tasks at the same can lead to a drop in productivity. Try to concentrate on a particular task per time and move to another task afterward.
  3. Prioritize Your Task: Prioritizing your work can be really helpful and productive. In order to achieve this, every freelancer should put similar tasks together, do the worst tasks, get the small jobs out of the way, and arrange tasks in order of importance.
  4. Take breaks: Working round the clock is not healthy for your body and most definitely would not enhance your productivity. Research has shown that taking breaks can increase your productivity and creative thinking.
  5. Set up a Functional Workplace: Sometimes, your couch might be too comfortable for you and you might be easily distracted. Set up a functional workplace in the confines of your home where you can carry out your task daily.
  6. Give Yourself a Challenge: In order to make more money from freelancing, you have to be fast and efficient. Create a competition for yourself by throwing a challenge at yourself and you will grow to handle more tasks than usual.
  7. Use Apps To Speed Up Task Execution: As a freelancer, time is very essential. Getting more tasks done could equate more money for you. Therefore, get acquainted with apps that can come in handy in accomplishing your tasks.
  8. Identify The Time That Works For You: Understanding the best time that works for you and following it strictly would boost your productivity. Not every freelancer can work during the day, some freelancers work effectively and efficiently at night.
  9. Eliminate Distractions: As you go about your daily tasks as scheduled on your to-do list ensure you do not give in to any form of distraction. Switch off all social media notifications on your phones to avoid being distracted, you must endeavor to be focused on the task at hand.
  10. Learn To Say No: Sometimes a freelancer should say “no”, once you have a lot of tasks with a short deadline do not take more jobs as this can give you a bad reputation and make you unproductive.


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